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Our programs have been designed through the lens of strategic Branding experinece for the past 25 years.

We have provided strategic counsel to C-level executives in multi-industry and multicultural settings and helped them build their public presence along with the brands they represent.

With our Leadership Branding methodology, we helped leaders of global organizations shape-shift and put them in control of their evolution as leaders and their buildup as activators, change-makers, and social innovators.

We helped them build their online and offline personas and supported their progression as brands and thought leaders.

When we designed our Brand Gymnasium Leadership Branding programs, we injected, not only our years of knowledge but also the collective journies of the people we worked with. 


This includes the experiences of award-winning CEOs, Chairpersons, Board Members, and various other leaders in the banking sector, the lifestyle industry, government, and not-for-profits. 

Our team is on a mission to humanize the field of Leadership Branding, to make it accessible to everyone, and not only to top-level executives. This is exactly why our programs are designed to provide you with all this in a very simple, easy to absorb, and easy to apply manner. 

Barbara Baumgartner

Managing Director, FAI

My leadership as a "woman in aviation" has been redefined through Brand Gymnasium. Following Grace's method, I was positioned to become an award-winning executive in a predominantly male-dominated field. 

This program has been life-changing.

Shivani Naidoo

Founder, Teeva Media 

As a business owner and creative producer, my leadership brand is my signature.

Brand Gymnasium was able to create that subtle link between my business and personal branding and they gave me all the knowledge I need to established myself as an authority.

Reem Nassar

Managing Partner, GCT

I'm a business owner and I rarely had time to build my leadership brand along with my company's. 

This program showed me the importance of "ME" as an integral element of my business growth, and it's all simple and easy to follow advice. I loved every minute of it!

Ellé Marks

Founder, Elle Made Well 

My name is "My Brand" and I needed to be in control of how it's positioned. Being a designer and artisan who deeply cares about sustainable fashion and women empowerment, I needed those values to be out there loud and clear. Brand Gymnasium was an answer to my prayers.

Meet Our Founder

Grace ghunaim

Leadership Branding Strategist

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Curious Global Citizen | Brand Strategist | Mentor

Multi-Cultural Exposure | Executive Advisory

I'm on a mission to build a tribe of women and their allies who are vocal, powerful, and ready to take over the world while empowering other women along the way.


I'm turning this mission into reality through my passion project, Brand Gymnasium, which is a learning, mentorship and advisory space I created to transfer my leadership branding expertise and guide women and their allies to strategically overcome the so-called imposter syndrome, find their voice, define their prowess and own their space.

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