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6-week online program with an immersive and hands-on experience.

You Will Learn, Be Mentored and Advised on How To

  • Conduct and apply your leadership brand audit. 

  • Define and articulate your leadership brand values. 

  • Learn everything that you need to know about Leadership branding and how to be in control of your positioning and presence. 

  • Build an online and offline leadership branding strategy. 

  • Maintain, upgrade and shift your leadership brand as your authority style evolves. 

What To Expect When You Finish The Course

A well-defined positioning strategy. 

A well-articulated set of values and key messages that will link you with your future state. 

Easy to implement leadership brand action plan.

Full control over your online and offline persona.

Leadership branding Consulting & advisory

This service provides flexible and personalized, Leadership Branding solutions. 

For Individuals

Those who want to dabble in leadership branding but not ready to commit.

Individual, short-term, and longer-term programs mentorship and advisory sessions can be designed to fit a specific area of interest or need.

For Corporations

Whether you are in Talent Development or leadership development for your teams,  

or if you are a busy executive who needs to create their own branding framework and timelines, individually or for their team.

We can help you design the right program that suits your needs and meets every specific deliverable you require. 

This allows for maximum flexibility in program development, mentorship, advisory and support sessions. 


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